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It is our heartfelt aspiration to help international students and young professionals realize their dreams of building a future here, just as we have. We encourage the next generation to embark on this journey with us, and together, we can shape a brighter future.

Our story

Founded from our empowering journeys

SFIE was established on the foundation of the personal journeys of its co-founders, who were fortunate enough to receive exceptional education and career opportunities in Europe. We are deeply committed to personal growth and development.


Personal growth

Personal growth is a crucial aspect of professional development for students to reach their goals. By engaging in self-reflection, setting specific objectives, and continuously learning new skills, students can effectively enhance their abilities and achieve success in both academic and career pursuits. SFIE is uniquely positioned to provide personalized support and guidance to students at various stages of their academic journey


Empathy and supportive

In the professional world, it is crucial for individuals to foster a growing path that is filled with empathy and support. By cultivating a culture of empathy and support within our professional community, we create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. It is through mentorship that we can truly make a lasting impact on the growth and development of future generations in their careers.

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Fostering brighter future

By promoting diversity, inclusion, and cultural exchange, we strive to create a supportive and collaborative environment where young people can thrive and make a positive impact on society. With a focus on nurturing talent, and fostering a sense of social responsibility, our organization is committed to shaping a new generation of innovative and compassionate individuals who will contribute positively to their communities and beyond.

College Lecture
"I am passionate about nurturing and inspiring the personal growth of each young individual as part of my journey. Through SFIE, we aim to cultivate and maximize their potential for a brighter future ahead!"

Nhi Le, Co-founder

Meet the team behind  SFIE


Nhi Le


Product designer

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Co-founder of SFIE , 

Responsible for product design UX/UI. Establish visual branding and product marketing


Ravinthiran Partheepan



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Co-founder at SFIE. Core developer of SFIE, take care of tech part and enable users to experience a smooth and stable app.

Bart Kuin_edited.jpg

Bart Kuin


Business developer


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Co-founder at SFIE.

Advise on business operation and development  in  EU and the Dutch market


Paolo Gatti


consultant partner

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Advise about University, study and career related subjects

Interested to join this dynamic team ?

We are young and still need to grow further ! 

  • SFIE is looking for new talents to join our remote internship program with many open positions. tailored to personal case.

  • We would like to hear your story and how SFIE can support your study background

  • We are open to all enrolled students at Universities at all levels

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